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Our Story

As the years rolled by, we began searching for plants and ingredients we could incorporate into products that would help improve health naturally. Mambog (kratom), coconut oil, and moringa are but a few we found that are truly beneficial.

Most of our products (other than tiki's) are made to give health benefits by replacing harmful man made pharmaceuticals with natural alternatives. In 2016 upon returning to the US we decided to start our own hemp farm to grow and create more healthy products using cannabis. Carolina Hemp Supply is one of the few seed to store companies making our own CBD, CBG and other healthy extractions from our crops. We attempt to be as organic and pesticide free as we can to provide natural alternatives while using the best of ingredients. So when you buy our products, you can rest assured that you are getting the best available. Thoroughly tested and lovingly made by hand. Many mahalos for buying Kapu Tiki Company and Carolina Hemp Supply products. Aloha

Beautiful Nature

Kapu Tiki company began while living on the small island of Siargao in the early 2000's. We began carving tikis and teaching local carvers to create them as a means to create jobs while adding a bit of flavor to the local scene. We chose the name Kapu as it means sacred or forbidden in the Hawaiian tongue and added mystique to our creations.

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